James River

we also went to the James River and guess what?we went swimming in it. That's me at the bottom with a rock on top of me. And don't worry the rock is not at all heavy so I get it off of me. it's just heavy enough to keep me down for a few moments. On a hot day that's perfect because it is so cold at the bottom. But you can't go in fall, winter or spring because it rains a lot then and when it rains the water rises.

New House

this picture is of me and my sister on our front porch in our new house in Va. My sister ,grace is saftey on the bus which is why she is wearing the belt. [she really doesn't like the belt]. I'm shorts and a t-shirt in this picture but now in December it's freezing! I'm hoping for snow.


I don't know if I've told you yet but I have a dog that's him. He's five years old and he's... well we don't know what breed he is but we think he's a collie lab mix. His name is snoopy and yes we took him over sea's. And since he is a collie lab mix he's suposed to be really smart and so far he is. It was really easy to train him and teach him tricks.


Oh and if you ever go to Ireland visit the east coast. I lived in Dundalk but this is a picture of Ravensdale. It is the best place to go hiking but remember if your going hiking go in the summer. Not in the winter it is raining like every day there and the summer's there aren't hot at all. Do Hike at ravensdale because as you can see it's beautiful. But I didn't just live in Ireland I also used to live in England. Only for the first few years of my life though so I can't remember much about it. I'm not even sure if we have any pictures.


I'm a Texan but I've been all over the place. I used to live in Ireland after I lived in England. But I was born Texas. This is our house in Ireland and that snow you see is pretty rare. So don't go to Ireland thinking that your going to get snow.